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Stack’s Favorite, and Not So Favorite Games of 2018!

Another year has come and gone, and along with that is a years worth of games. 2018 was full of some great titles, and some not so great. So let’s get into some of the titles that were some of my favorites this year! Favorite Games of 2018! Over Cooked 2 Honestly one of the

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Frankenculture Podcast Episode 19: We Are Vault 76

We’ve been doing this for a year!  Thanks everyone!  We’re back talking about all the craziness that’s been happening before E3.  Pokemon!  Fallout!  Lego! Deadpool!  All your favorites are here (RIP KEN) and we are filling you ears with more ridiculousness! Here is our shop! Make sure to like and follow us on Facebook Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe

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How To Get The “Secret” God of War 4 Ending!

Before I get into any of this, this is going to be HUGE spoilers so be advised!    For those who have decided to keep reading this you are here to find how to get the secret ending. It is not hard but once you scatter the ashes of Faye the wife of Kratos, and

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God of War 4 Review!

Another chapter has been told in the great tale of Kratos the Ghost of Sparta, and a wonderful story it was! God of War 4 takes you on a bit of a different path that what you are used to. This time around Kratos is not only a father, but a father that is looking

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Lumberjack is Live!

The moment we have ALL been waiting for! Stack is playing God of War live on Twitch right now! Come experience the journey with him, and see how far he can possibly get. If you would like to head over to Lumberjack’s channel just clink on this picture to get dropped right into the chat!

God of War Stone Mason Edition Unboxing!

The long awaited God of War 4 has come out! Released today was all the God of War goodies you can find, and I managed to get my hands on this one! The God of War Stone Mason Edition is a huge collectors edition that cost $150.00. With a steal case, 9 inch statue and

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