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Hands On at E3: Detroit Become Human

We’re at E3 and trying to get our grubby hands on everything we possibly can.  We started off with “Detroit: Become Human”  First I’d like to say being from Detroit originally I was excited about something that takes place in future Detroit that doesn’t look like a war zone.  Quantic Dream, the developers of Heavy

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Devolver Digital’s E3 Press Conference Was Something… Different.

When companies take the stage at E3, you usually see a company head or lead designer. That’s exactly how Devolver Digital’s press conference started, that’s also where its stopped being a normal conference. With guns, blood, missing hands, and exploding heads, Devolver Digital (makers of Hotline Miami, Broforce and more) had one of the most

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Microsoft E3 Conference Review!

Lets get this out-of-the-way, if you wanted to make a drinking game this would have been the conference to do so. If felt like the words 60 frames per second and 4k (which was the first thing on-screen) were said almost in every sentence. That doesn’t take away from how great this conference was! Lets

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