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Hollow Knight Review!

Hollow Knight is a game from a couple of years back now originally launching in 2017 for PC, and in 2018 for consoles. So forgive me for the very late review, but I finally got around to playing it this past week. My very first thing I need to say about this game is that

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A wild Jewbacca appears…

Hi everyone! You might have seen my name as one of the podcast hosts but I figured let’s get out a formal introduction of sorts. Ello! I’m Julie! Well, that’s my birth name. I was given the nickname Jewbacca many many moons ago and pretty much have accepted it as my other name. I am

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Depth of Extinction Isn’t Horrible…

Frankenculture was given a preview copy a few weeks back of the HOF Studios turn based, RPG, 2D stylized shooter Depth of Extinction, and for whatever reason our fearless leader gave to me to download from Steam and give the game a try and write this review.  Frankenculture has no official grading scale set so

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