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Frankensteiner – Glory to Fyter Fest

Welcome to Frankensteiner, we still have not paid the ransom for Marty yet. But with Fyter Fest come and gone maybe he will break free. Join Julie, Steve, and Me as we break down this week in wrestling. https://pinecast.com/listen/808f778a-2f11-4793-9aed-9e4ec802dc94.mp3

GET THE KO Episode 22 – Full Coverage of Combat Sports

In the world of MMA and Combat Sports, sometimes it is great to have another voice. Well we got that for you Julie, Cliff, and Anthony bring in the heavy guns of Darian Logan to help out. It was a great podcast and I hope you all enjoy it. https://pinecast.com/listen/e3fb78a5-4a28-4799-b27c-483829943a82.mp3

Frankensteiner – The Blah called WWE and Predictions

While still being captured by his ninjas, Marty is still struggling to break out. Julie has been captured by the Decepticons, Cliff must turn to one person to help bring you the news. That man is Steve of FrankenCulture, this legend comes in and brings his legendary knowledge of wrestling to Frankensteiner! https://pinecast.com/listen/1812188f-2c3c-4d03-b23b-f0b68cd4fd2a.mp3