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Frankenculture Podcast Episode 65- No Mans Sky, Halo Infinite, Apple Store Screws Up

Fortnite is taken down from the Apple store and Steve let’s it rip about it. Also Halo Infinite delayed, Stack plays Game Pass and we’re one week away from Battle Toads! Make sure to check out our facebook page!: https://www.facebook.com/frankenculture Check out our youtube, where this show gets uploaded with video every week! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT_9Boot1bc0QtY0TXwG_Fw/

Frankculture Podcast Episode 39: The Gaming Community Still Sucks

  We talk a lot about movies today!  Also hit up some gaming news, why the gaming community is so terribly toxic, what we’ve been playing and why Prince Harry hates Fortnite!  We also have an interview with Jason Wulf! https://pinecast.com/listen/e463f9aa-0685-4ebc-8b89-0a2ee9ae30ff.mp3 Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Stitcher!  We’re on Spotify! And Googleplay!   Find Jason Wulf and his art

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Fortnite Battle Royale Season 5 Launches!

Epic has once again launched a new season for Fortnite, and this time we have even more stuff added to the map. Adding even more content to the already stacked title. We have now begun our journey thru the new season 5 of Fortnite Battle Royale! After updating your game you get a cool trailer

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Play’s Of The Game!

Hey guys welcome back to another episode of play’s of the game! This is  a weekly segment where we find, or you send in the best clips of you or your friends in-game. If you have one you would like to send in please send it to any of our social media or directly to

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Play’s of the Game!

Alright guys I’m hitting you with the first ever Play’s of the Game! This is a new series that will be coming every Monday. The goal of this is to have you guys send in your epic moments in games, and I will post them up in a compilation video. So if you have something

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Fortnite Battle Royale’s Upcoming Update Is Making People Unhappy.

Fortnite Battle Royale is currently the most popular game on the planet. With a current player base of just under 3.5 million it has taken the world by storm, and some of that success is due to the fact that Epic Games is regularly updating and adding to their game. Holiday events and updates have

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