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Nerds of The Round Table Episode 5: My Lil’ Nerdies – FriendShip is Magic

Today Antonio, Cliff, and Swagtastic talk about Movie Trailers, Old Times, Video Games, and more. Come join in on the fun journey and enjoy the ride. Also leave your favorite Fatality from any Mortal Kombat game in the comments!!!

Attack on Titan “Trust” Review!

Sorry for missing out last week guys, but I am back this week with some more Attack on Titan coverage. This weeks most recent episode was Trust, and this episode is all about progression of story. This week we got to see the brutality that Levi possesses, and how corrupt the government is. Not many

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Attack on Titan is Back! “Smoke Signal” Review!

Yesterday saw the return of the anime series Attack on Titan, bringing it around for its third season. The anime makes its return to further the story of Eren and his friends. Episode 1 came out, and so far the show has kept its beautiful style. Episode 1 titled “Smoke Signal” brings you right back

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Uncharted Fan Film Review!

Recently a fan film for the beloved gaming franchise “Uncharted” has gotten its own fan film! Not only is this short 15 minute movie great, but it also has the real life Nathan Drake. Nathan Fillion himself reprises his role, and does a brilliant job bringing Drake to life. With the same wits, comedy and

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Shout/ Scream Factory Even Made it to SDCC

Where they were kind enough to drop all of the upcoming video awesomeness for you people that still collect actual videos and don’t just download or stream things. The two websites are known for showing up to comic con and giving everyone a heads up of what to get excited for in the coming year.

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