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Sony E3 2018 Press Conference Review!

It’s Sony’s turn to take the stage at E3 and the company could not be in a better place going into the show. The PS4 still hits record sales and God of War proved to be an instant classic with loads of critical acclaim. But will they let their success get to their heads or

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Pokornys E3 predictions and hopes!

If we could go back in time and look at what I was hoping for last year (which we totally can because, duh, it’s the internet)  I feel like my list hasn’t changed that much.  First my hopes!   Hope 1: Borderlands 3.  BORDERLANDS 3!  JUST GIVE ME ANYTHING, HAVE CLAPTRAP ROLL OUT ON A

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E3 Anticipation, 3 Game I Can’t Wait To See!

We are getting very close to E3, and that means that the hype trains are full steam ahead! Big names are getting all of their fans ready to go, and I’m here to talk about what I am hopeful to see! DEATH STRANDING Sense the first trailer came out I have been excited to hear

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