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Demoniacal Fit Scarlet Martial Artist (Goku Kaioken) Figure Review 4K

This is the new Scarlet Martial Artist A.K.A Kaioken Goku due to legal reasons I would guess, from the the folks at Demoniacal Fit. This is a reproduction of the 2.0 Goku figure but with the Kaioken paint scheme. Is it any good I hear you ask. Why dont you watch the video above to

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Custom Dragon Stars Omega Shenron Part 1

Hey Deadgrinners and FrankenCultists! Using a Jiren figure I begin my Omega Shenron figure. Enjoy!

Custom Dragon Stars Yardrat Goku Part 1

Hey Deadgrinners and FrankenCultists! From out of the fodder box I take three figures and make one. A Yardrat Goku. Enjoy!