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Because Video Games Are Expensive.

Look at all these sweet deals on video games!


It’s Been A Couple Weeks But I’m Back!

Here’s some game deals for you filthy animals to hopefully get your weekend started off right!! Looking through the Microsoft marketplace I see some new faces and some familiar faces. Starting with Titanfall 2 which is super low priced for $6.00! Which is $30 off! Along with one of FrankenCultures favorites Cuphead which is usually

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Video Game Deals, How Exciting.

It’s Friday, meaning I’ve got a handful of deals for you gamers on a budget out there to spend your penny filled purses on. Starting as usual in the PlayStation marketplace which has their wonderful flash sale going on first thing that looked good was Dark Souls 3: Deluxe Edition is 70% off at $25.49

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Give Them All Your Money…

Or don’t, it’s your money spend it how you choose. Now if you don’t want to spend all your hard earned cash I have some video game deals for you. This week on PlayStation I found some flashback gems that I though you should know are in their market places. Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand

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Buyers Remorse Got Me Like…

Have you ever spent a bunch of money on something you really want and then immediately after you hate yourself or even the idea of going to the dollar menu at McDonald’s makes you cringe? Me either. Incase that’s ever happened to you I’m here to help with some video game deals to keep that

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