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Hello again FrankenCulture Faithful, it’s CTC again sharing with you the past Goodness of I’m Hurt with Cut Throat Cody.

Episodes 1 and 2 can be found here.

Hope you all Enjoy!

Thank you Steve,
Cody and TS

FrankenCulture Presents: E3 Hangover

Levi, Stackhouse and Steve sit around and talk video games.  There are some rants, some wishes and at one point it turns into an Overwatch podcast.  We talk about all of us playing Overwatch, Sea of Thieves (or Skull and Bones).

Devolver Digital’s E3 Press Conference Was Something… Different.

When companies take the stage at E3, you usually see a company head or lead designer. That’s exactly how Devolver Digital’s press conference started, that’s also where its stopped being a normal conference. With guns, blood, missing hands, and exploding heads, Devolver Digital (makers of Hotline Miami, Broforce and more) had one of the most

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