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Shout/ Scream Factory Even Made it to SDCC

Where they were kind enough to drop all of the upcoming video awesomeness for you people that still collect actual videos and don’t just download or stream things. The two websites are known for showing up to comic con and giving everyone a heads up of what to get excited for in the coming year.

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Hasbro SDCC 2018 Exclusives!

SDCC is right around the corner, so lets take a look at some of their upcoming exclusives. First for you Star Wars fans, we have a “Black Series Centerpiece” featuring Kylo Ren and Rey fighting in the Starkiller base woods. It’s a 6 inch scene and will cost around $109.99! Along with the with this

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God of War Stone Mason Edition Unboxing!

The long awaited God of War 4 has come out! Released today was all the God of War goodies you can find, and I managed to get my hands on this one! The God of War Stone Mason Edition is a huge collectors edition that cost $150.00. With a steal case, 9 inch statue and

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