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Nintendo’s Not so Mini Direct. What Got Announced?

Nintendo had some not some news to drop today!

Pokornys E3 predictions and hopes!

If we could go back in time and look at what I was hoping for last year (which we totally can because, duh, it’s the internet)  I feel like my list hasn’t changed that much.  First my hopes!   Hope 1: Borderlands 3.  BORDERLANDS 3!  JUST GIVE ME ANYTHING, HAVE CLAPTRAP ROLL OUT ON A

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E3 Hopes: Borderlands 3

E3 is right around the corner, and I’ll be there reporting on all of the chaos!  Over the next few days we’ll talk about what we’re hoping to see. We’re talking about Borderlands 3!  We here at Frankenculture LOVE Borderlands, and the thought of Borderlands 3 has us drooling.  Gearbox has given us a taste

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