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Opinion: The Joker and How DC / Warner Bros Can Save the DCEU by Killing It

I don’t normally make opinion videos, but when I saw the Joker trailer I was hyped (which I rare get). Afterwards I saw Shazam, which is fantastic (which DC movies rarely get). So that got me thinking. DC and Warner Bros can save the disjointed, polarizing DCEU! In short it comes to this: Don’t follow

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Better Free Up Your October. Batman The Animated Series Complete Series Blu Ray Announced!

October is starting to look very busy for nerds.  We have Red Dead Redemption 2, X-Men Black and now the complete edition of “Batman the Animated Series”.  If you grew up in the 90’s this show was a part of your day to day for sure.  It introduced us to Harley Quinn, gave us a

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