Meet the team!

IMG_1860.JPG  Steve Pokorny – Editor In Chief

Steves earliest memories involve Super Mario Bros. and Batman temporary tattoos.  He’s always been entrenched in pop culture and everything along with it.  From hand-me-down Masters of the Universe action figures to his LJN WWF wrestlers being attacked by TMNT, he’s been there.

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Steve Stackhouse – Gaming Editor

Stackhouse has been gaming since he could walk.  His enjoys live streaming Destiny and Overwatch, which also happens to be his favorite current gen game.  His first gaming memory would be playing Super Mario Bros. 3, and still kills Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time.  He’s the resident streamer and go to video game guru.

 Andrew Beal (reasonablenerd) – Journalist

Technology nerd born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit transplanted to Silicon Valley. Lover of most things science fiction and fantasy related. Avid comic book and novel reader. Player of table top board games and former Dungeons & Dragons fiend. Hobbyist musician and huge podcast fanatic, ask me for recommendations!

20170401_000239 Ken Fuchigami (Kennyboy63) – Toy editor

Hello everyone! Here is a few things about myself, I love cosplay and I love toys!!! I also love occasional gaming! I am a cosplayer and I enjoy making costumes and also collecting toys based on MARVEL DC and also from Super Sentai to Kamen Rider and Dragon ball!!! Hope you guys enjoy the videos I make on items I collect to the cosplay that I make!!!

carlos Carlos Chinea – Journalist

Born in Puerto Rico but raised in Orlando, FL. Carlos is a geek and lover of film. Some of his favorites include Back to the Future, The Dark Knight, and Terminator 2. You can often find him either glued to TV or operating a steam train at Disney World.

7F9C9550793C4D3DB2FEDEC38C8BA86F Gary Brock (Teddy) – Journalist

I’m better known as Teddy and I’m a streamer on YouTube who lives in the United Kingdom and I love gaming from classic to the latest games and I’m also a self-obsessed nerd when it comes to everything marvel from the movies and most Comics and I’m also a huge fan of Star Wars & Star Trek as well as the TV Series Doctor Who.

I’m the only member of the team who is from across the pond and You will find me on our Discord server where you can come and say hello.

uglymug.jpg Rolando C. – Journalist

Lover of all things retro and life long gamer. Roll (as his friends call him) enjoys anything and everything geeky culture has to offer. Originally from San Diego, CA. He has now been a Las Vegas local for the past 15 years. You can catch his gaming and collecting antics on his YouTube series “Seekfindplay“.

IMG_7430 Martin Aleman – Journalist

Born in Hollywood, California and has been “stranded” in Nevada for nearly 20 years. At least in that time he’s gotten a BA in Film Editing from UNLV and has worked on a number of projects that include: feature films, shorts, music videos and a web series. He enjoys, Disneyland, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, the Marvel MCU, Batman, cooking breakfast, but above all; collecting everything from toys to knowledge, and everything in between about Star Wars.

Ashly Martin Trombley – Contributor(?)

An unapologetic, flamboyant, brash Detroit(ish) native that has traversed the East Coast (Tidewater, Michiana, First Coast, & ATL) in search of whatever since 2003. Former Gamestop Store Manager that loves the geek/nerd communities. Avid Blizzard (Lok’tar Ogar) gamer, X-Men savant, Pokemon master, WWE mark, Mortal Kombat junkie, Dynasty/Samurai Warriors obsessor, Left 4 Dead lover, Borderlands fanatic & Fire Emblem weeb. Streams games every so often on Twitch (Mar10Du), follow and watch if you dare!