This is a quick toy comparison and review on the SH Figuarts Golden Frieza! This figure has been out for over 2 years, but has been requested by YouTuber Xavier Ackerman. Come and join me on this quick figure review! Advertisements

For You Thrifty Gamers

It’s time for the weekly reporting on what I’ve found to be the best deals in your favorite console’s market place to keep you gaming with plenty of money left over for Mountain Dew and Doritos… personally I’m a fan of mini doughnuts but we can discuss that at a later time. Starting this week

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Micheal Watson delivers something amazing with “The Wrestler”

  Some people live the life they have to, working a dead end 9-5 job, going home to a one bedroom apartment, making a tv dinner, and passing out before 11pm.  Micheal Watson is the opposite.  His life for the past five years has involved chair shots, suicide planchas and of course ARMBARS.   Micheal

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E3 Public Registration Opens today!

The rush to get E3 tickets has started! Well or so I thought… Roughly 30 minutes ago I was prepared for a refresh battle only comparable by the all mighty San Diego Comic-Con. Coffee in hand, 2 screens shinning bright and ready to go! Registration was slated to go live at 12pm EST. I imagined

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Logan Paul Is Making Headlines Again.

At this point Logan Paul is an almost household name, and not for any good reasons. Just a month or so ago Logan was making headlines for filming a dead body in Japans Okigohara forest, and then posting the video to YouTube. Now Logan is still showing he has no remorse for the dead, of

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Hello everyone, this is just a short 4 minute video of me showcasing my toys. I only had space to show case 50% of my collection for I don’t have enough shelf space to put my Marvel and DC TMNT Robocop action figures, from Play Arts Kai to Revoltech, etc. Come a join me for

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