Finally collected this entire wave to build this guy!!! He looks awesome but lacks allot of articulation which is quite bothersome for the amount of money you put into building him. But with that said, come and join me for a quick review!

Lumberjack is Live!

The moment we have ALL been waiting for! Stack is playing God of War live on Twitch right now! Come experience the journey with him, and see how far he can possibly get. If you would like to head over to Lumberjack’s channel just clink on this picture to get dropped right into the chat!

Gundam Follows Up Unicorn With “Gundam Narrative”!

All Gundam anime fan’s rejoice! The new Gundam series which is name “Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative” has been announced, and will be coming out this year! Launching in November fans will once again be set in the Universal Century time line, and very close after the event’s of previous title “Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn”. The

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