Video Game Deals are Back!!

Putting up weekly video games deals went away briefly but we’re back and still as average as ever, but you will save some money if you read along.  Starting as usual with you wonderful PC gamers and the Steam marketplace I’m sure you shop at.  Right off the bat Steam comes in swinging with the

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FrankenSteiner wrestling podcast previews Hell In A Cell 2018

Cliff and Marty are back previewing Hell in a Cell 2018. We go over past few weeks of events leading up to Hell In A Cell, and hope for a much better end road leading into Survivor Series & the start of the wrestling EOY.


The turtle wins the race and that’s how it always has to be when you work on a custom. Patience is key to getting a sick custom done!!! Come and join me for part two of this super custom!

Destiny 2 Forsaken One Week Review!

Last Tuesday Destiny got the biggest update the franchise has ever dropped. The Forsaken update is full of new content from new loot, to a handful of great boss fights. Bungie claimed over and over that the story we would be put on was one of revenge, and they were completely right! The story you

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Hello everyone, back here again with another custom update on Final Form Cooler. Everyone loves this character because of how cool he looks! To me he looks like the OG Shredder from TMNT. Anyways with that said come join me for a quick update review.