Custom Dragon Stars Yardrat Goku Part 1

Hey Deadgrinners and FrankenCultists! From out of the fodder box I take three figures and make one. A Yardrat Goku. Enjoy!

Bungie Leaves Activison, But Holds Onto Destiny!

Today marks a huge shakeup in the gaming world! With the splitting of one of the biggest combo Bungie and Activision. After bad blood that goes back all the way to before the launch of the original Destiny, Bungie has fully split from Activision, and kept all the rights to the beloved Destiny franchise. This

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I know that there is allot of hate for my opinion on this toy line, but I’m sorry. If I feel that a company can do better on a figure for a 20 dollar budget, then I am entitled to a opinionated reaction towards figures that were half ass done! I won’t be completely negative,

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