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What’s Spinning Me: You Me At Six

Music is a big part in my life and it makes sense that most of what I write is music related. What’s Spinning Me will be articles on Albums past and current. Today we are getting into the the album XI by. You Me At Six. English Alt Rock band You Me At Six released

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13 Cheers For 13 Emo Years

“Will the real emo kids stand up?” You read that right, a bunch of y’all are probably thinking “Emo kids? Emo is still a thing?” I am here to tell you “Yes, it’s still a thing!” In fact, “Emo” never left and the band Mayday Parade has proven that to be true for the past

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An Anime movie that does in fact Go Beyond!

When a series with such a following announces a movie it brings up a lot of different feelings and of course, expectations. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes was no different but I was ecstatic to find out once I stepped into the theater that I was not only getting a movie but an experience. Even

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Whis, the angelic attendant chomps down FUNimation.

Con exclusives can become fun additions to anyone’s collection, or even the holy grail that complete’s your set. Every year San Diego Comic-Con is the hub for all the latest and greatest in all of your favorite fandoms, so it is fitting that they also release some pretty exclusive stuff if you are lucky enough

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E3 2018 Impressions from the Showroom floor – South Hall

Continuing with your E3 journey we will now be focusing on the Main hall of the event. The South hall is the venue’s bigger show room where the companies showcase enormous displays and gaming experiences for you to enjoy. As you enter the showroom you are greeted with that familiar sign and the stairway to

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