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Movie Review: Nerds of a Feather

Writer/co-director/producer/star Mario Romeo Milano created something special for you. This is the artifact he left behind. The 1980’s irritated him in a singular way, and this pearl was formed. A pearl of talking dogs, slapstick, accents, little people, and plaids. Buckets fall upon heads, skirts are up-looked by dogs, thongs are seen, art happens while

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Movie Review – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales

Avast ye scurvy scoundrels! Here is the fifth installment in the never-ending Pirates of the Caribbean series, starring everyone’s favorite actor of wacky characters, Johnny Depp! I’ll try to avoid any major spoilers in this review. If somehow you’ve managed to avoid watching any of the previous movies, you might be as soulless as the

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