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Sinister Review

When I first saw Sinister I left the theater thinking it was the scariest movie I saw in 2012 and I think that statement still holds true. With its addition in the Blumhouse maze at Halloween Horror Nights this year I felt it warranted a rewatch. So does it hold up? For those of you

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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer Analysis 

If you’re reading this then you must know there was a new Star Wars trailer that premiered earlier this week. Let’s dive in! Visual Parallels Lets begin with something that I’m sure the most casual moviegoer can draw a parallel from the Original Trilogy: “2nd Chapter = Giant Walkers!” Everyone remembers in The Empire Strikes Back the

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Five Two

Lady Gaga released her documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two a week ago on September 22,2017 through the mega streaming service Netflix. Pop diva Lady Gaga took us on a hour and a half journey behind the scenes of her professional and personal life. The documentary opens with a shot of Gaga being raised upward in costume toward

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