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Trailer Town 11.30.19 The Stuffing Isn’t The Only Heavy Thing

Hello everybody! Each and every week we gather the newly released trailers, scrap them into one spot for your viewing pleasure! This week was the week of heavy subject matter it seems. Take a look and as always, hit us in the comments with your thoughts! We start off with “True History of the Kelly

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A Week In Trailer Town 11.23.19

Here we are again in the amazing Trailer Town, where we bring you the hottest trailers and all the trailers from the week! Let’s get right into it with the teaser trailer for “Antebellum”. Some chilling odd things are happening, where time seems to be tearing at it’s seams. Whatever “it” is that chooses you

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It Used To Be Better Episode Episode 26- Smart House

We watched an April pick this time around, 1999’s made for Disney TV “Smart House” featuring Katey Sagal! We talk about making friends as an adult, getting farted on, Aprils disbelief that any child is called “Angie” and Steves fondness of Alien Pops! A fun show for sure!