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Squared Circle Action Figure Podcast Ep 3

Full disclosure! We are friendly with the guys over at SCAFP, but that wouldn’t have changed our love for the show. If wrestling action figures are your bag then listening to two guys who are passionate about the industry like Will and Joe, the segments are great and the episodes fly by! Check it out!

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Our own man in the field, Mike, is back with another amazing episode of One Man’s Junk! We’re identifying some MOTU accessories, showing off some awesome finds and bringing out a figure from a classic movie! Make sure to like and subscribe to One Man’s Junk and leave some nice comments!!

One Mans Junk – USA JUNK HUNTING – #24 – Im gonna be Crystal clear about COPPA!

We here at Frankenculture scour the web looking for some of the most interesting people in the toy world. We bring you friend of the site, One Mans Junk! Check out his awesome hauls and information he has on some figures, that I didn’t even know about! Make sure to like and subscribe!