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What’s Spinning Me: You Me At Six

Music is a big part in my life and it makes sense that most of what I write is music related. What’s Spinning Me will be articles on Albums past and current. Today we are getting into the the album XI by. You Me At Six. English Alt Rock band You Me At Six released

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13 Cheers For 13 Emo Years

“Will the real emo kids stand up?” You read that right, a bunch of y’all are probably thinking “Emo kids? Emo is still a thing?” I am here to tell you “Yes, it’s still a thing!” In fact, “Emo” never left and the band Mayday Parade has proven that to be true for the past

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This is a song by Emmit Fenn called Lost in Space. I used this song because it resonated with what I wanted the photos to convey in the video. I’m sure the song has nothing to do with what I was trying to project but I’m hoping it aided in the expression process. If you

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I’m hurt! With Cut Throat Cody episode 6

We recorded this on Jim Cornette’s Birthday, what better way to celebrate that than by talking about a All Kids Wrestling show? Sorry Jim! On the sad end of this yesterday, after recording I heard the news that Bobby “The Brain” Heenan had passed away. Rest in Peace, Weasel. Hope you all enjoy the show! Also thanks to FrankenCulture for the sweet iTunes feed!


Lego Brickfest finally hits Las Vegas

Over the weekend me and the family were fortunate enough to attend the first ever Lego Brickfest Live here in Las Vegas, Nv. The event took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center and was an absolute blast.     Fans of all shapes and sizes gathered to build and talk all things Lego. The

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I’m Hurt with Cut Throat Cody Episode 5!

In this episode Timothy and myself speak about the Roman Reigns John Cena “shoot” promo from last weeks Raw, why Sexy Star is a asshole and I give a bit of advice on how to make money in the broken world of Pro Wrestling! Hope you all enjoy!