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Frankengaming: Loot Boxes Ruin Everyth- (please pay $1.99 to unlock the rest of this content.)

The guys are together again chatting all things loot boxes, a few tangents, we don’t understand eSports and we gush over Fortnite and Cuphead.  Multiple special appearances by Baby Frankenculture. Remember to subscribe and rate on iTunes and Stitcher, and share the hell out of us! Stackhouse is also looking for your amazing gaming moments. 

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Frankengaming: RED DEAD OMG

  The guys are back talking about the newest Red Dead Redemption trailer.  We get to some other stuff like why preordering sucks, Nintendo messing up the Arcade Archive with a garbage price and some more Destiny 2 talk!  We also chat about a planned Charity Stream, which if you want to see us play

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I’m hurt! With Cut Throat Cody episode 6

We recorded this on Jim Cornette’s Birthday, what better way to celebrate that than by talking about a All Kids Wrestling show? Sorry Jim! On the sad end of this yesterday, after recording I heard the news that Bobby “The Brain” Heenan had passed away. Rest in Peace, Weasel. Hope you all enjoy the show! Also thanks to FrankenCulture for the sweet iTunes feed!


FrankenGaming: GameStop Expo

Levi, Stackhouse and Steve sit around and talk about the Gamestop 2017 Gaming Expo.  We touch on what we played, thoughts on future releases and get into our brand new headsets from Lucid Sound.  We also get into what makes us mad about conventions and expos.  Hit us up with a 5 star review on

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