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We Went To E3!

I’m sure you may have noticed, we were at E3 this past week.  We shot some footage of some of the booths and what has happening that you might enjoy, get a feeling of what was happening (without waiting in lines).  Stay tuned to the end of the video for a rap by Crash Bandicoot!

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Gorillaz Unleash Humanz

The peculiar animated musical phenomenon that is Gorillaz released a new record titled Humanz April 28th of this year.This is the animated band’s newest material since the release of The Fall seven years prior.  Gorillaz unveiled a twenty song tracklist onto the world of music. The record showcases a plethora of collaborations with features ranging

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Podcast Review: What Happened When?

If you’re anything like me, first off you’re awesome, but secondly you grew up in what we call the “attitude era”.  Your Monday nights were full of crotch chops, middle fingers, air guitar-ing on a big gold belt and wondering who’s side Sting was really on.  What Happened When (WHW) is an amazing podcast from Tony

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