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Video Game Deals are Back!!

Putting up weekly video games deals went away briefly but we’re back and still as average as ever, but you will save some money if you read along.  Starting as usual with you wonderful PC gamers and the Steam marketplace I’m sure you shop at.  Right off the bat Steam comes in swinging with the

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D.O.D Piccolo K.O (Bootleg) Review

This may be the king of all bootlegs. A statue with soft goods clothing, this Piccolo Knock off figure is exceptionally well made, all things considered. Great sculpt, high paint quality and very few issues that typically come with bootlegs, this is a must have for fans of Piccolo A.K.A Big Green. Check out my

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Nintendo Switch Online!!!

Is anyone else as excited as we are for another paid online console service? With Nintendo finally announcing their new pay online service coming mid September console gamers will have another pay to play online service on their hands. Admittedly Nintendo’s price for their awesomely selling console is considerably cheaper than that their competition the

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