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Hello again FrankenCulture Faithful, it’s CTC again sharing with you the past Goodness of I’m Hurt with Cut Throat Cody.

Episodes 1 and 2 can be found here.

Hope you all Enjoy!

Thank you Steve,
Cody and TS

Marvel Universe Live: Age of Heroes

For a live action show that is catered for younger viewers Marvel Universe Live, does a bang up job entertaining your whole family. I am sure by now everyone has seen the commercials for this show, and if you are a super hero loving family like mine, you were ecstatic to find it coming to

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I’m Hurt, with Cut Throat Cody Has a New Home With!

Well Hello There! Some of you might not know who the hell I am. But that’s okay, because I’m here to introduce myself!

My Name is Cut Throat Cody.

I’m a Professional Wrestler Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada that is on the shelf for a bit due to a Torn Rotator Cuff.

To pass the time my Friend, Timothy Styles who is known in the Vegas Music Community as well as Hosting his own Podcasts over the last 10 Years has offered his knowledge (and Microphones ) to bring to you “I’m Hurt, with Cut Throat Cody.

Moving forward in our Mini-Podcast Series, Steve from FrankenCulture has been kind enough to offer us hosting through his Blog that you’re reading RIGHT NOW!!!

Nifty, Right?

For now we give to you Episode 3.
TS and myself ramble about Road Rage, Why my Balls Hurt and other Ramblings on Pro Wrasslin’ and the sort.

Past Episodes will be out in due time!

Thanks again to everybody involved here at FrankenCulture, we look forward to being around!

CTC and Timothy Styles

NECA TMNT SDCC 2017 Collector’s Case

 If you are a fan of the heroes in a half shell, NECA has been speaking your language for the past few months, few years even with their incredible exclusives, With the wild success of their 1/4 scale line, we were all anxious to see what they had up their sleeves for SDCC exclusives. One

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Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Is Coming!

Another year another Call of Duty, another Call of Duty another zombies mode. This year however were going a little more back to where it all started! WW2 Nazi Zombie got its first trailer this week at San Diego Comic-con! I’m not a huge fan of the Zombies series (I can’t get past level 20)

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