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Game Review: Nier: Automata

Dear Real Game Reviewers: It’s ok. You don’t need to pretend this is a good game just because you enjoyed staring at a computer-ass for forty hours and then a whiny boy in short pants for another twenty. Pros: Mouth-watering ass-thong physics Fight three or four kinds of monsters! There’s tinker-toy guy, round ball, snake

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Far Cry 5 Controversy?

      Far Cry 5 was announced a whole 3 days ago! Ubisoft’s newest installment in the franchise! We have gotten to see some screenshots, teasers, and a trailer. With all that information some people thought “This looks awesome! Can’t wait!” I can say those were my personal thoughts. However, some people didn’t think that

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Injustice 2: Continuing The Superhero Fighting Craze 

Superheroes seem to be all the rage these days when it comes to all facets of entertainment. Video games are no exception. Injustice 2 hit our gaming consoles on May 16th and we haven’t looked backed! (Well most of us anyways). The long awaited fighting game developed by Netherealm Studios (the same studios that brought you

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