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XO18 Announcement Highlights!

The other day Xbox made some exciting announcements at XO18, which is an event that is all about the Xbox platform. Over the 2 hour-long event there were tons of announcements, and here are some of the best that came up! Keyboard and Mouse Support!  With the world between consoles and gaming pc’s becoming ever

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Leisure Suit Larry-Wet Dreams Don’t Dry Review!

The love machine is back! Leisure Suit Larry is here, and ready for all the adult themed humor we are used to. The newest title to the franchise Leisure Suit Larry – Wet Dreams Don’t Dry takes everyone’s favorite ladies man from the late 80’s, and drops him right into the modern-day. With internet, smart

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Blizzcon 2018 Announcement Highlights!

For the past few days Blizzard Entertainment has held their annual convention “Blizzcon”! Just like every year Blizzard came out, and gave their fans everything their hearts desired. So let’s get into some of the amazing thing that Blizzard has planned. Overwatch. Overwatch once again had a laundry list of additions, and special stuff announced

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