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Moobloom! One Of Three Possible New Mobs in Minecraft.

Check out Moobloom! One of the new mobs you can vote on during Minecraft Live!

Game Releases 9/27-10/2

The weeks are flying by and here we are in the releases for October!! As always we go over this on our podcast every week as well! Spelunky 2 [PC] – September 29 Umihara Kawase BaZooKa![PS4, Switch] – September 29 The Walking Dead: Onslaught [PC VR, PSVR] – September 29 Warsaw [PS4] – September 29

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Review: Feather (XBO) or I’m Like a Bird

It’s not everyday you get to play a game that has no enemies, no boss fights and no objectives. The team at Australia based Samurai Punk set out to do exactly that. “Feather” puts you in control of a bird, flying around a deserted island. As stated there are no enemies or objectives other than….fly.

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Spooky Animal Crossing Halloween Update!

Nintendo finally dropped the trailer for Animal Crossings FREE Halloween update! The most exciting aspects include growing pumpkins for DIY recipes (or you know, just having pumpkins), costumes, new skin colors and a special event during Halloween Night (5pm-midnight)! The update drops on September 30th and we even got a teaser image for the November

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