Category: E3 Hangover

E3 Public Registration Opens today!

The rush to get E3 tickets has started! Well or so I thought… Roughly 30 minutes ago I was prepared for a refresh battle only comparable by the all mighty San Diego Comic-Con. Coffee in hand, 2 screens shinning bright and ready to go! Registration was slated to go live at 12pm EST. I imagined

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Anticipation 2018: Detroit: Become Human

Hey peoples! I am back with another edition of my continuous showcase of what I cannot wait to play, ANTICIPATION: 2018! This game was going to be next, but the announcement of Mario Tennis Aces got me HYPE, luckily enough saving what you’ve already written is a thing. THANKS, OBAMA! Let’s go with Motorcity: A

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What is Nintendo’s Plan with LABO?

It seems Nintendo keeps coming out with the strangest and most awkward products, Until you REALLY look at it and realize how ingenious their approach is. Ever since products like the Wii or WiiU were announce, everyone was a critic, and then everyone wound up buying one! With their latest announcement of the “Nintendo LABO”

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