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One Mans Junk – USA JUNK HUNTING – #24 – Im gonna be Crystal clear about COPPA!

We here at Frankenculture scour the web looking for some of the most interesting people in the toy world. We bring you friend of the site, One Mans Junk! Check out his awesome hauls and information he has on some figures, that I didn’t even know about! Make sure to like and subscribe!

I’ve got another toy haul for all y’all! I decided to combine September and October into just one video this time because I didn’t really buy much in October and also I’m lazy to do two videos! I decided to treat myself and got my second ever Mezco action figure – Spider-Man. And I also

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Batman – Exclusive Justice League Unlimited Figure From The DC Universe Store

It’s been awhile, and I’ve been putting off posts because of work. If you’ve been following along, thank you! I have a slew of videos coming out in a small series, showing up one of my recent acquisitions: THE ENTIRE JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED SET FROM THE DC UNIVERSE STORE! You can only get this set

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Turning 30 – Got Some New Toys!

I turned 30 today! There’s a lot of contemplation involved around this milestone age, that used to be 3/4 of a lifespan 500 years ago. But I’m saving that for another day and another post. I know I post her infreiquently, and I’d love to do more, but thus is life. I wanted to share

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