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Casa Delarosa by Juan J. Gutierrez

Hey Deadgrinners! Today I decided to try something a little different. In the spirit of the Halloween season quickly approaching I decided to read one of my short stories titled, “Casa Delarosa.” This particular work is my first published work which has been reprinted in 3 separate horror anthologies. Enjoy!

Micheal Watson delivers something amazing with “The Wrestler”

  Some people live the life they have to, working a dead end 9-5 job, going home to a one bedroom apartment, making a tv dinner, and passing out before 11pm.  Micheal Watson is the opposite.  His life for the past five years has involved chair shots, suicide planchas and of course ARMBARS.   Micheal

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Interview with William Dickstein! Author of “Ch05en”

It can be rare nowadays when a writer can create something refreshing and new. William Dickstein is a local author from Las Vegas who has done that by creating his own universe through two art forms, short stories and comic books. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a local book fair and after

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