Author: Steve Pokorny!

F@%ked Up Cartoons: Swamp Thing

We continue our weekly tradition of looking at messed up cartoons of our past!  This time we take a look at 1990’s Swamp Thing!  What?  Another childrens cartoon after a horror based book?  YEP!  He also had a successful series of films, one of which is directed by Wes freaking Craven,  and a successful TV

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It Used To Be Better Episode 10- Pet Sematary

We watched “Pet Sematary”!  We get into who can beat up who, how having a kid changes movies FOREVER, why people from Maine are weird and if dead, really is better? Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Stitcher!  You can also listen to the show on youtube, so make sure you sub to us there if podcasts aren’t your

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F@%ked Up Cartoons: Tales From The Cryptkeeper

What was happening in the 90’s?  Were they just making cartoons out of anything?  For those that don’t know, “Tales from the Crypt” was a show on HBO, that was based off a horror comic book series from the 50’s.  It was a violent and full of sex.  It ran for seven seasons and was

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