Author: Carlos Chinea

Sony E3 2018 Press Conference Review!

It’s Sony’s turn to take the stage at E3 and the company could not be in a better place going into the show. The PS4 still hits record sales and God of War proved to be an instant classic with loads of critical acclaim. But will they let their success get to their heads or

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Road to Infinity War Review: Doctor Strange

When Doctor Strange first came out I was riding such a hype train about seeing this character onscreen and the clever ending that I felt more strongly about the movie than most. I’m rewatching it in preparation for Infinity War, the highs aren’t as high and the lows stand out a bit more.  The movie’s

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Road to Infinity War Review: Captain America Civil War

Phase 3 kicks off with a huge bang! Uniting the biggest cast of heroes ever and having square off in a Civil War! Team Cap vs Team Stark! and the winner…. all of us. The Russo Brothers once again deliver a balanced character story that manages to make each character feel unique and important. But

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