Author: adcayaby

My Final Toy Haul of 2018!

2018 was a great year for collecting toys and a terrible year for my wallet! I like to end every video adding up how much money I spent every month. Here are the stats for this year! $649 – the most I spent on toys in one month $96 – the least amount I spent

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Batman Ninja (SHFiguarts Bandai Tamashii Nations) Review!

So I personally love Batman Ninja, so getting the bandai toy was a no brainer. Here’s my review of it! Check it out, subscribe, you know what to do! Also, I’ll be having a giveaway during the holidays, so sub for more info! Keep on rocking!    

My (Small) October Toy Haul!

Hey Fellas, I forgot to post this a couple weeks ago, but here’s all the good stuff I’ve procured last month! I do a video like this towards the end of every month, as a way to track my budget. And for the rest of the year, I’ve really got to watch my budget (Black

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