Level Zero debuts a terrifying gameplay trailer at the PC Gaming Show 2023 Preview

Publisher tinyBuild and developer DogHowl Games recommend you keep the lights on for the new PC Gaming Show 2023 Preview trailer for Level Zero. Coming to PC, Xbox and PlayStation in 2023, Level Zero is an asymmetrical PvP sci-fi horror game, where four defenceless scientists scramble for survival as two alien monsters hunt them from the darkness. Closed beta testing begins early next year. Sign up now to be one of the first to survive (or stalk) the shadows.

In Level Zero, light is life. The power is failing on an off-world research facility, and light-fearing monsters prowl the now-dark halls. Four human scientists race to repair the base’s power systems before they’re devoured by the nightmares lurking in the shadows. The science team must coordinate and communicate to search for vital tools, failing fuse panels and vital sources of light including flares and glowsticks. Without access to traditional weaponry, the scientists will have to improvise if they want to survive.

The opposing two players control an endlessly respawning duo of monsters. Efficient hunters, but vulnerable to light. Armed with lethal claws, blinding spit, biomechanical land-mines, organic EMP blasts and a ferocious psychic scream to disarm their prey, they are versatile and powerful hunters wherever shadows fall. Sensing the heartbeats of the scientists through solid walls, their mission is simple – no human survives the blackout.

Scientific wit versus extraterrestrial cunning – which will come out on top? In 2023, the power goes out, and the monsters come out to play on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Wishlist Level Zero on Steam, visit the official site and sign up now for the first closed Beta test in the new year.

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