Land of the vikings viking-themed city builder survival sim gets early access trailer 

HAARLEM, THE NETHERLANDS, November 8, 2022 — Developer Laps Games and Publisher Iceberg Interactive are excited to announce that highly anticipated Norse city builder Land of the Vikings will launch into Steam Early Access today with an SRP of €/$19.99.  Prospective Vikings can enjoy a 10% discount during the game’s launch week.

In Land of the Vikings, players take on the role of the Jarl (Chieftain) of a new Viking village. A wise Jarl must manage resources, survive harsh conditions and enemy raids, and guide their fellow Vikings to work together through social conflict. Players must expand their village into a thriving city, but they are not entirely on their own. Norse gods will aid them with various rewards in return for their worship. 

Manage your village

Chop trees, plant and grow crops, hunt wildlife, mine, and fish from the surrounding seas and fjords. From victuals to Vikings, manage your resources carefully to ensure you survive the harsh winter, and expand your settlement season to season. Each of your villagers is a character in their own right. With more than 20 characteristics, your villagers might be powerfully-built strongmen and women, or silver-tongued thespians. Pay attention to skills and abilities when assigning your people to a task. Not all Vikings are alike, nor are they equally good at all jobs!

Know your Vikings

More Vikings will ask to join your settlement as it grows. You can choose to welcome them or turn them away. Over time, your Vikings will begin new families and give birth to new generations, extending their lineage and strengthening your village. 

Survive fierce weather and events

This land will bring many challenges to your settlement, from earthquakes to fire-starting lightning from the heavens above. Band together and withstand these disasters as best you can. The seasons bring their own challenges, as do events and disasters. Be ready for storms, blizzards, and the long, deadly cold of winter. Prepare firewood and food stores to keep your Vikings warm and fed!

Trade and raid

Your neighbors are an excellent resource of goods and gold. Once you build a Trade Dock, ships will visit you with different cargo. You can also send out your own trade missions, as long as you have enough villagers to crew the vessel – and enough beer to fuel the crew! Any good Jarl knows that force is the best path to glory. Raid foreign villages to plunder their silver and gold, and gain Fame points. 

Train your villagers 

Train and strengthen your Vikings to ensure your victory. Your villagers need to be trained to raid. They can be anything from normal warriors (light warriors, like archers) to mighty male berserkers V and female shield maiden elites. These latter two warrior types are unique to the Vikings.

Celebrate and decorate

No grids allowed! You can build wherever you want, design your village however you like, and increase your Vikings’ happiness. Construct monuments to Odin or Freya and customize the look of your Viking ships. You will even be able to modify the look of houses with the Building Editor in one of the game’s upcoming Early Access updates!

Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life

Unlock new buildings and bonuses by spending Fame points at the Tree of Life. Discover beer brewing and build a Tavern for your villagers to relax in. Invest in goat farming to gather wool and weave fabric for better clothes. As you create better quality living standards and resources, your Vikings will become healthier and happier, and your settlement will flourish!

The Land of Vikings launches into Steam Early Access on November 8. A 10% discount will be applied during the game’s launch week. To keep up to date with the latest information on the title, please like us on Facebook, follow us on  Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel, join our Discord, visit our website, and wishlist the game on Steam

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