The small Illinois town of Haddonfield is haunted by the legend of Michael Myers. In 1963 six-year-old Michael was arrested after murdering his teenage sister with a kitchen knife. Michael is sentenced to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium where he is treated by Dr. Samuel Loomis. Fifteen years later Loomis arrives at the sanitarium to escort Michael to court for a hearing but Michael escapes from Smith’s Grove and begins his murderous rampage back to his hometown. The following day on Halloween Laurie Strode is told to drop off the key to the abandoned Myer’s home that her father is trying to sell. When Laurie drops the key off at the home Michael sees her and begins to stalk her throughout the day, being seen multiple times by Laurie but her friends dismiss her claims of danger. As Loomis arrives in the town he discovers that Michael has stolen the tombstone of his sister Judith and meets with town sheriff Leigh Brackett to investigate the Myer’s home. Thinking that Michael may return Loomis sets up a stakeout at the home to try and catch Michael on his return, meanwhile, Laurie is babysitting Tommy Doyle across the street from the home her friend Annie is babysitting at. Michael is spotted stalking around the homes by Tommy who calls him the boogeyman but Laurie dismisses his claims. As the night progresses Laurie is met with the terrifying realization that she is caught in the sights of a killer on the night he came home.

Halloween is credited as the film that popularized the concept of slasher films, almost creating the formula many others would use in the future including the widely influential Friday the 13th Series. Alongside the slasher film formula, the film is also credited with the iconic “final girl” formula where the cast is picked off through generally bad decisions and scenarios until the female lead is left alone. Halloween launched in 1978 and was met with commercial success grossing $70 million and holding a 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes the film is one of the most iconic horror films to date. I highly recommend watching the sequel film Halloween II as a bundle considering the film picks up moments after the first one ends and continues the same night’s saga of terror.

As always, if you’ve seen the listed film, dislike the film, or just don’t believe you would like it we have provided a list of alternative choices for you to pick from: alternative-films-for-this-spooky-season

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