A town is shocked by the recent murder of high school student Casey Becker when she was home alone. Casey received a phone call from an unknown person who taunted her about horror films, when she attempts to hang up it is revealed that her boyfriend Steve Orth is outside on her patio bound and gagged. The caller threatens to kill Steve if she fails to answer his questions and continues to quiz her on horror movie trivia. When Casey misses a question Steve is murdered in front of her and Casey attempts to escape before the masked killer catches her. Casey’s body is later discovered hanging in a tree by her parents when they arrive home. With word of the brutal murder spreading news outlets begin to plague the town to cover the murder story while police begin to investigate the crime. A local teen Sidney Prescott receives an ominous call while waiting for her friend Tatum Riley to arrive. The caller taunts Sidney on the phone before the killer appears and attacks her. Immediately after escaping the masked killer Sidney’s boyfriend Billy Loomis appears and while explaining what just happened drops his cell phone out of his pocket. Sidney suspects Billy’s involvement in the terrifying attack and flees. The police later pick up Billy who is arrested and questioned about the attacks but while in police custody Sidney receives another call from the mysterious killer causing Billy to be released the next day. As murders begin to happen around the town it is clear that Sidney is caught in a dangerous game.

Released in 1996 Scream grossed $100 million in U.S. sales alone and was met with critical acclaim for its meta-centric focus on the horror genre as a whole. Holding a 79% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes the film is widely adored for its deconstruction of the slasher genre as a whole layered over a comedic tone. Scream accomplishes Craven’s signature terror and charm from Nightmare on Elm Street in a fresh and new series that gave a fundamental rebirth to the slasher genre. If you enjoy the film be sure to check out the entire series.

As always, if you’ve seen the listed film, dislike the film, or just don’t believe you would like it we have provided a list of alternative choices for you to pick from: alternative-films-for-this-spooky-season

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