Centered on an insecure teenager, Anita “Needy” Lesnicki, the story follows Needy through her socially awkward high school experience with her childhood best friend, Jennifer Check, a social trendsetter and popular cheerleader. Jennifer and Needy head to a local bar to see a concert by an indie rock band Low Shoulder. After the show, Jennifer leaves with the band while Needy proceeds home. Later that night blood soaked Jennifer appears in Needy’s kitchen attempting to eat some food before vomiting a strange black fluid and leaving. Appearing the next day assuring Needy that she is fine Jennifer goes about her normal social life over the course of the next month as local boys begin to disappear. A month later Jennifer explains to Needy that Low Shoulder took her out into the woods the night of the concert. While they had Jennifer isolated in the wilderness the band prepared a ritual and offered Jennifer as the virgin sacrifice to Satan to gain fame and fortune. Unknowingly to the band members, Jennifer was not a virgin so although their ritual succeeded, Jennifer was possessed and changed into a demonic creature. Needy piecing together the situation faces a deadly moral dilemma where she must figure out how to stop her once best friend from continuing her bloody rampage before it’s too late.

Jennifer’s Body was released into theaters with a disappointing reception, the film grossed a worldwide $31,556,061 and holds a 45% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film doesn’t hold a spectacular track record generally failing to be funny enough, or scary enough it rests at an awkward middle ground for most viewers. The film recently garnished a revival of fans highlighting its self-aware commentary of the horror genre as well as a feminist-forward presentation and narrative. Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox give great performances that really sell the needed personal connection between Needy and Jennifer. With a plethora of terror-driven thrills this season it’s nice to have a movie that fits the holiday theme but provides it in a lighter comedic presentation.

As always, if you’ve seen the listed film, dislike the film, or just don’t believe you would like it we have provided a list of alternative choices for you to pick from: alternative-films-for-this-spooky-season

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