ICYMI: Modiphius’ Fallout Friday Returns with More Tabletop Warfare Options!

Battling in the Wasteland has gotten more dangerous as today, Modiphius Entertainment released several new products for their popular tactical tabletop game — Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.Raiders, Ghouls, and more are ready to fight on your table while a new PDF will enable you to build and expand your own settlements, and for home printers, there’s unsettling new terrain available!

The three miniatures releases below introduce the Forged In The Fire wave for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, with more to follow over the coming months. The accompanying Forged In The Fire Rules Expansion is due for release in November 2022. 

Raiders: The Forged 

The Forged are a cruel and sadistic raider gang, smelted in the fires of their Saugus Ironworks base. They are famed for the cruelty of their initiation rituals, instituted by their barely sane leader, Slag. The Forged claim ownership over smaller raider gangs, one of which is led by Bedlam, Slag’s psychotic lieutenant. The gang is feared above all else for their uncompromising brutality. 

Contents: 1x Slag, 2x Forged Male ( with head and weapon options), 2x Forged Female (with head and weapon options), and 1x Bedlam

[US] [UK] Store

Survivors: Ghoul Settlers (The Slog)

These irradiated ghouls may be a horrific sight, but they are not monsters. Frequently hunted by Wasteland dwellers, Wiseman created The Slog as a haven for persecuted ghouls. Jones, Holly, Deirdre, and Arten Glass are inhabitants of this haven, ghouls living free lives among the tarberries grown there.

Contents:  1x Arten Glass, 1x Deirdre, 1x Ghoul Survivor, 1x Holly, 1x Jones, 1x Wiseman, and six Scenic Bases

[US] [UK] Store

Jake Finch Survivor Promo Miniature

We often do rash things to protect those we love, and sometimes, those actions come back to haunt us. For Jake Finch, a young farmer who stole his family’s heirloom Shishkebab as an offering to a gang of pyrophile raiders, The Forged, this realization is starting to hit home. He was hoping that they would take the gift and leave, not take it and try to induct him into their ranks! Now, in over his head, he has a very important decision to make.

This set presents Jake Finch, caught between his family and the raiders known as The Forged. Look out for other miniatures sets in the Forged in the Fire wave! 

[US] [UK] Store

Homestead PDF

Homestead is an expansion that brings a much deeper set of systems for players to build, defend and improve their own settlements. Explore the Wastes for survivors to join you, scrap to build up an ever greater settlement and prepare to stake your claim!

[US] [UK] Store

Print at Home – Scorched Statues

Humans infected by the Scorched plague become living statues, some immobile, some not, but all dangerous. This 3D print product lets you print five poses of petrified Scorched statues to help create immersive tabletop scenes. You could use them to add a new hazard or dangerous objective markers to your games of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

[US] [UK] Store

Note that this is a digital STL product ONLY for 3D printing and not a physical product. Requires a 3D printer and knowledge of 3D printing to use.

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