Tear Up the Track in Nitro Racers — Available Today for PC

Slip on your driving gloves and get ready to step behind the wheel of a supercar, as Ziggurat Interactive today launched the racing classic, Nitro Racers, on PC via Steam!

Nitro Racers features more than 30 high-octane tracks for you to race on from behind the wheel of your choice of various supercharged cars! It’ll take more than sharp turning skills and a lead foot to win, as tracks feature challenging terrain like ramps, tunnels, bridges, and more. Make the most of track environments, like ice and mud to slide and drift past your opponents, while you upgrade your car at the in-game shop. And beware — your competitors are more than willing to send you into a wall, if it means they can quickly overtake you!

Nitro Racers is available now on Steam for $6.99.

In Nitro Racers, you can soar over huge ramps and under tight bridges as you use environments and self-created collisions to your advantage to slow down your opponents. Drift on slippery ice, slog through sloppy mud, blaze over burning-hot asphalt, and a lot more as you explosively push your way through the pack!

Once you’ve left your competition in the dust, take a moment to hit the pits and upgrade your car for extreme performance! Stop into the in-game shop with the money you’ve won from races to buy better tires, faster engines, more precise brakes, and speedier pit crews. 

Want to get closer to the pavement? Drive in close-up mode to get a more detailed and engaging experience.

Key Features of Nitro Racers Include:

  • 30 incredible tracks that feature a variety of challenges
  • Tracks feature ramps, bridges, tunnels, and a slew of terrain to burn through
  • Use track environments to your advantage by creating collisions and shortcuts
  • Inflict strategic damage to your opponents’ vehicles as well as your own
  • Build a better car and team at the in-game shop with the money you’ve earned from races
  • Close-Up Mode allows players to see more detail and feel more engaged
  • Make pitstops during races to repair your vehicles and improve performance

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