Less of a sequel more of a reboot; Evil Dead II finds the now iconic Ash Williams and his girlfriend Linda seeking a romantic getaway at an isolated cabin in the woods. Upon exploring the Cabin, Ash finds and plays a recording from the archaeologist Raymond Knowby reciting passages from the Necronomicon he discovered at a previous dig site. Upon playing this recording of an incantation, Ash unknowingly frees the Kandarian Demon that begins to wreak havoc with everything from possession to demonic minions called deadites.

Horror, comedy, and chainsaw hand; what more could you need? At least two of those are a staple in any of Raimi’s films. From the cult following surrounding the Evil Dead series, Drag Me to Hell, and even the original Spider-Man Trilogy Raimi has been a household name for decades and rarely fails to deliver. The Evil Dead series started with a short film called Within the Woods, in 1978 that would be readapted into a feature film in 1981 as The Evil Dead initially establishing the series in the public’s eyes. Although Raimi and Campbell both say Evil Dead II is a direct sequel, it is more like a reimagining of the original films’ plot into what most people recognize as the comedic one-liner filled Evil Dead today. If you enjoyed the premise of the film and want to continue Ash’s adventure against the deadite forces be sure to check out the 1992 direct sequel Army of Darkness, as well as the 2015 television series Ash vs Evil Dead.

As always, if you’ve seen the listed film, dislike the film, or just don’t believe you would like it we have provided a list of alternative choices for you to pick from: alternative-films-for-this-spooky-season

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