Alternative Films For This Spooky Season

Just didn’t quite make the cut…

Honorable mentions / Alternate titles:

Genre: Vampire

A twist on classic vampire horror

Check out the original film as well “Let the Right One In”

Genre: Supernatural Slasher

One of the most iconic classics, the stuff nightmare are made of

Genre: Supernatural Romance

A woman discovers her new husband and home aren’t what they appear

Genre: Supernatural Creature Feature

For anyone with coulrophobia

Genre: Supernatural Horror

A ghost story centered on the birth of a curse

Genre: Vampire

A vampire story centered in the modern suburbs instead of a ancient castle

Genre: Vampire

A vampire story with a underlying them of isolation, and weather savvy vampires

Genre: Supernatural Romance

A retelling of the legendary headless horseman story

Genre: Found Footage

A unique and modern day spin on anthology films like “Tales From the Crypt”

Genre: Supernatural Slasher

A slasher story set across three films with each film being a period piece

Want to see where the genre began?

Horror Classics:

Genre: Zombie

The film that set the standard for every zombie film

Genre: Creature Feature

Perhaps the most recognizable “monster” in horror

Genre: Vampire

Before vampires sparkled, or were even human passing

Genre: Slasher

Hitchcock’s masterpiece of tension

Genre: Haunted House

What list would be complete without Vincent Price?

Need a few laughs to balance out the screams?

Horror Themed Comedy






Want something more family oriented?

Classic Family Halloween/Spooky Films

Genre: Halloween / Witches

A trio of witches return from the grave to tour Salem

Genre: Stop-Motion Dark Fantasy

A young girl finds a new family

Genre: Fantasy Horror-Comedy

A young “strange and unusual” teen befriends two ghosts, and meets the ghost with the most

Genre: Supernatural Comedy

Four friends start a business to pay some bills

Genre: Creature Feature

Young boy says “not today” to death over his pup

Genre: Dystopia Robots

A group of dolls struggle against the ruins of earth to keep life .. well .. alive?

Genre: Stop-Motion Dark Fantasy

A man messes up his wedding vows so badly he ends up married to a corpse

Genre: Stop-Motion Dark Musical

The king of Halloween decides he likes Christmas more

Genre: Creature Feature

Young boy doesnt follow the instructions on his new pet

Genre: Creature Feature Romance

A modern retelling of Frankenstein with a dash of Gothic teen angst


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