Atari’s Popular Recharged Series Gets New Content and Kicks Off Stadia’s New Retro Collection

Today, Atari’s popular Recharged series joins Stadia’s newly formed Retro Games category. Now, six titles from Atari’s new-retro series — BreakoutBlack WidowGravitarAsteroidsCentipede, and Yars: Recharged — are available to play on the Stadia store. Additionally, Atari has announced that all of the Recharged games have been updated with new content, including never-before-seen levels and game modes, available now on the Stadia versions, as well as Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic.

The titles in the Atari Recharged series deliver modern, reimagined versions of some of Atari’s best-known and beloved games from the golden age of gaming. Each game is available on the Stadia store for $9.99 and includes significant updates to the original releases. Each title includes additional challenge levels, previously only available on the Atari VCS. 

AsteroidsCentipedeBreakoutBlack Widow, and Gravitar: Recharged now include bonus challenge levels that were previously only available to owners of the Atari VCS. These challenges, designed to present the highest level of difficulty, offer new challenges to existing players and an added value to anyone purchasing the titles for the first time. Players now also have the option of three lives in Arcade Mode which gives players three lives, instead of one, just like the coin-op arcade versions they are based on. And in a special gesture to the many gamers who get a little nervous around creepy-crawlies, Black Widow: Recharged now has an Arachnophobia Mode, which turns the spider into a frosty snowman, poised to shoot snowflakes in lieu of webs.

Try to survive the classic arcade shoot-em-up in Yars: Recharged by playing instantly on Stadia, right here in your browser. Play 30 minutes for free with a trial to the full game—no Stadia account necessary—and start your daring attack against the enemy homeworld!

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