Team17 and Black Matter have today launched Update 12 – Falling Dark – to Hell Let Loose on PC, bringing new experiences to the BAFTA Games nominated online strategic shooter. In addition to a brand-new map, set during the critical Battle of Remagen in Germany, Falling Dark introduces night-time and low light map variants to the game, as well as further Commander abilities, additional vehicles (including the reintroduction of the community favourite Panther tank) the flare gun, and new camouflage for the Tiger tank.

Night is falling on the battlefields of WWII Europe

Falling Dark is the most significant package of new content for Hell Let Loose since December 2021’s ‘Outflank’ Update 11. In addition to the immersive atmosphere of low light and night-time battles across five of the games’ collection of maps, Falling Dark sees Warfare and German Offensive game modes come to the iconic Omaha Beach map, which now also includes spawning points within landing crafts for greater authenticity. The new ‘precision strike’ Commander ability allows each side to call upon aerial support of iconic fighter planes, including the Ju-87 Stuka and P47 Thunderbolt, against entrenched enemies such as tightly knit infantry positions, exposed garrisons, and stationary vehicles, while the new ‘ammo drop’ ability delivers emergency stocks of medical supplies, ammunition, and explosives for soldiers.

Hell Let Loose Update 12: Falling Dark includes:

  • Night Maps (Remagen, Foy, Purple Heart Lane, Hurtgen Forest, Kursk)
  • New Map – Remagen
  • New Commander Abilities – precision strike and ammo drop
  • New Weapon – Flare Guns
  • New Vehicle – US “M4A3 75w” Medium Tank
  • Reintroduced – German Panther Tank
  • New Camo – German Tiger Tank
  • Half-track MGs
  • Improvements to existing maps (Kursk, Omaha Beach)
  • New FX (blood hits, Artillery explosion and more)

Hell Let Loose on PC, as well as Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation®5, will have a free weekend running from 21st to 24th July, with a 33% discount code available for PC purchases, and 30% off the game on both the Microsoft Store and PlayStation Store. For more information on Hell Let Loose like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and join us on Discord.

About Black Matter
Black Matter is an independent studio founded in 2015 to support the development of the debut title Hell Let Loose. Made up of an international team of selected artists and programmers, Black Matter is focused on creating beautiful worlds ruled by emergent, player-driven game design.

About Team17 Digital
Founded in 1990, Team17 Digital is a leading developer, video games label, and creative partner for developers around the world. Part of Team17 Group plc, which floated on AIM in 2018, Team17 Digital has an extensive portfolio comprised of over 120 titles, and fully encapsulates the spirit of independent games. Team17 Digital’s portfolio of multi-award-winning and award-nominated in-house brands include Hell Let LooseGolf With Your FriendsThe Escapists, and the iconic Worms franchise, alongside its games label partner titles, including the award-winning games BlasphemousGreak: Memories of Azur, and Overcooked! franchise. Visit for more information.

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