Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodhunt Gets Summer Update: Trailer

Malmö, Sweden – 8th July 2022 – Sharkmob is thrilled to announce an exciting Summer Update for its popular battle royale title, Bloodhunt, which will include an all new 8v8 Team Deathmatch mode (launching in beta), an epic new aggressively priced Summer Pass with 100+ items as well as new map locations, melee weapons plus significant improvements and bug fixes. 

The game, set in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe, has now registered over 6 million player accounts to date and the Summer Update will go live on 14th July 2022 at 01.00 AM PT / 09.00 BST / 10.00 CEST.

“As a team, we have decided to move away from the traditional seasons model within Battle Royale games, and instead we will be focussing on giving players smaller, more regular updates,” said David Sirland, Live Producer of Bloodhunt. “We feel that sustaining seasons in the typical way is not what works for our relatively small team so we want to challenge the norm by releasing updates much faster than previously planned but in smaller chunks.”

“Our game can be quite challenging when playing solo or even in duos so we are particularly excited to be able to introduce the Team DeathMatch mode to give players a thrilling new experience with more playtime per person than ever before in the battlegrounds of Prague. We will continue to focus on working hard to enhance the current game experience as much as possible, listening to player feedback and keeping our community updated with the roadmap of future content.”

Summer Update overview

  • New Game mode – Team DeathMatch (Beta) coming 14th July 2022. Two teams of 8v8 will battle each other with unlimited respawns and the first team to reach the score limit wins. This new game mode will have five unique areas in Prague as battle grounds including; Slaughterhouse, Disco, Hotel, Construction and Harbor.
  • Special SUMMER PASS offer – 100+ new items for 600 Tokens (around 5,99 USD)
  • New map locations – Ventrue train added to the Train Station location and Rudolfinum got the attic opened up with 3 new roof entrances and some other smaller tweaks to the interior layout.
  • Elysium – The Ventrue area, previously locked in Elysium, is now open. Players will be able to meet Em, the Ventrue primogen, and to get quests from her. Toreador Maia’s nightclub has opened, this is a perfect area for players to show off their vampire persona.
  • New Melee weapons – Knife and crowbar
  • Minor and major bug fixes – These will include the infamous reload and red gas bugs, higher graphical fidelity, updated character rigging, PS5 controller improvements and performance improvements.

About Bloodhunt: 

A third person free-to-play Battle Royale & Team Death Match experience set in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe, developed in close collaboration with the World of Darkness brand team. For the first time ever, experience the thrill of vampires at war as sects clash across the city of Prague, triggered by the arrival of strike-teams from the Second Inquisition. Use your supernatural powers, weapons and wit to eradicate your enemies and deal with the hunters – all while striving to maintain The Masquerade. 


  • Join the Bloodhunt using supernatural powers and traverse anywhere to battle other players and computer controlled enemies to be the last vampire standing.
  • Show off your vampire fantasy by customizable characters – play as a personalised vampire of your own creation. Choose your Clan allegiance to define your playstyle then let your personality shine through as you create your most unique expressive looks for friends and rivals to remember.
  • Restore The Masquerade – Set in the beautiful Old Town of Prague, rendered with the highest graphical fidelity, Bloodhunt offers reasons to keep fighting with story progression using Acts updates throughout seasons.
  • No “pay-to-win” mechanics – created with a player focused mentality.
  • Supporting 12 languages – English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish,  Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Latin American), Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
  • Spatial Audio support allows players to be fully immersed in the thrill of the hunt: listen for threats before seeing them using the latest 3D Audio technology such as Dolby Atmos where available.

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