Limited Run Games Opens Pre-Orders for Blood: Fresh Supply Collector’s Edition 

Today, Atari and Nightdive Studios’ remaster of the cult classic first-person shooter Blood receives the Limited Run Games treatment with the launch of the Blood: Fresh Supply Collector’s Edition

Available now for pre-order, this very special and limited physical Collector’s Edition of Blood: Fresh Supply treats players to a bloody assortment of tangible goodies, such as a physical copy of the game for PC, a tombstone USB drive, a Caleb action figure, and a “blood” filled liquid mousepad! The full contents of the Blood: Fresh Supply Collector’s Edition is as follows:

  • Physical Copy of Blood: Fresh Supply for PC
  • Blood: Fresh Supply USB Drive- With Game Included
  • 10X8 Blood: Fresh Supply Art Print
  • Caleb Figure
  • Liquid Filled Mouse Pad
  • “Big Box” PC Stickers
  • Keychain
  • Blood: Fresh Supply Pins
  • Sticker Sheet

The Blood: Fresh Supply Collector’s Edition is available now in limited supply for $149.99. Pre-orders can be made here:

About Blood: Fresh Supply

Originally released in 1997, Blood is a FPS that helped redefine the genre and introduced many elements now accepted as commonplace. In the original and the updated Blood: Fresh Supply, players jump into the boots of undead gunslinger Caleb as he seeks revenge against the dark god Chernobog. Caleb’s arsenal features a mix of standard and occult weapons, which he uses to devastating and gore-filled effect. In the game, players visit a terrifying world populated by hordes of bloodthirsty fiends – including cultists, gargoyles, zombies, hellhounds, and an unholy host of other terrors.

Remaster enhancements for Blood: Fresh Supply include:

  • Vulkan, DirectX 11 and OpenGL 3.2 support, play with unlocked framerates!
  • Antialiasing, Ambient Occlusion, V-sync and Interpolation support
  • Support for high resolutions including 4K monitors
  • Fully customizable keyboard and controller pad support
  • Extended modding support, including support for already existing mods
  • Completely rewritten netcode supports up to 8 players:
  • Play online in co-operative mode, kill each other in “Bloodbath” or split the difference in classic 4v4 team-based “Capture The Flag” mayhem
  • Battle it out in local split-screen action
  • Roll your own soundtrack with full CD and MIDI music support
  • Look fully up and down with a new 3D view, or stick with the classic BUILD-engine style!

Blood: Fresh Supply is also digitally available for Windows PC on Steam, the Humble Store, and GOG for $9.99. 

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