Groovy Central, the Epic Dance Battle Game Featuring Kinetix’s AI, Brings Your Mad Skills into Roblox

Paris, France (June 15, 2022) — Kinetix, an AI-assisted 3D animation pioneer, today announced a partnership with game developer Retro Shrimp to collaborate on Groovy Central, a new 3D dancing game being built on the Roblox platform. The game will harness Kinetix’s powerful AI-driven animation technology to create uniquely awesome dance moves for players as they challenge each other in multiplayer online dance-offs. In development by Retro Shrimp, the successful creator of several leading games on the Roblox platform, including Skate Park, which has over 250 million plays, Groovy Central will release in summer 2022. Groovy Central is a significant milestone in building a new category of games that leverage AI to help users build and share unique, fun, and custom gameplay elements. 

Groovy Central is our first key gaming partnership and incredibly exciting,” said Yassine Tahi, co-founder & CEO of Kinetix. “The Kinetix AI platform is built around the ideas of creation and self-expression, and Groovy Central lets us showcase both in a fun, friendly, and engaging way that everyone can enjoy! And in the coming months, we’ll be working with more great partners like Retro Shrimp to release additional creative titles like Groovy Central .”

Groovy Central is something the Metaverse has not yet seen,” said Joseph Drennan, Founder & CEO of Retro Shrimp. “I am waiting with much anticipation to see all the amazing dances that players and content creators come up with! We at Retro Shrimp are thrilled with our collaboration with Kinetix; we can’t wait to help showcase their innovative AI platform and help introduce it to the Roblox platform!”.

Through the use of Kinetix’s no-code AI-driven animation engine, Groovy Central will have players competing in, judging, or spectating multiplayer dance battles on the Roblox platform. Dancers and their moves will be fully customizable, based on a huge library of pre-made dances provided by Kinetix, and as competitors earn credits from winning dance battles, they will be able to create their own unique dance moves! This ease of customization allows user-generated content to expand at a greater scale than platforms that require extensive technical knowledge and enables users to focus more on creative elements, such as the dance moves themselves.

Features of Groovy Central Include: 

  • A Dancer of Your Own: Dozens of pre-designed dance moves will be available at launch and ready for customization. As players earn credit for wins, they’ll be able to unlock the ability to build and buy their own dance moves! It’s the ultimate in self-expression via dancing!
  • Play, Judge, or Just Vibe: Groovy Central is a social experience that lets players enjoy it how they like, be it taking part in the action, helping pick a winner, or just hanging out in the virtual clubs and chatting with one another.
  • Multiple Environments: Dance inside or out, with clubs, outdoor music venues, and more planned as “battlegrounds” for dancers. 3D environments feature dazzling animated effects from colorful dance floors to cool landscape objects, including pyramids, forests, and more. 

Groovy Central is the firstborn of a new category of games where the power of AI is shifted to the players. Empowering gamers to create their own in-game assets transforms gameplay and creates a boundless experience where self-expression rules. Kinetix is setting new standards in gaming with its platform that enables user-generated content at scale, allowing everyone to enter the Metaverse in style.

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