DIGGERGUN – A game about workers, low wages and the environment.

LONDON, 7th June 2022 – Kabloop, a solo game developer, announced DIGGERGUN, an oppressive, 2D, life-sim about the cost of living crisis across the Western world. To celebrate the announcement, Kabloop has released a trailer showcasing the gameplay and life-sim elements.

In DIGGERGUN players take on the role of a new graduate who has been hired by the Cornwall Mining Corporation to work as an engineer on a newly-found island off the coast of Cornwall.

After arriving, the player is quickly put to work in the lithium mines, with their employer using the flexibility clause in their contract to legally enforce it. With their employer demanding a £3,000 fee to terminate their employment contract and take them back to mainland UK, they’re left with nothing to do but dig.

Players will have to work in the mines every day, managing their time, energy and small wage as they deposit lithium or face financial penalties. With a night-and-day cycle and a complex life-sim system working behind the scenes, achieving a work-life balance has never been more important.

Using real-world economics to inform its fictional world, DIGGERGUN aims to highlight the plight of minimum wage workers amind an intense cost-of-living crisis facing the United Kingdom and much of the Western world.

There is some light in the darkness though, as the oppressive world is inhabited by a cast of unique characters from a variety of backgrounds. Will you band together with others to push back against your corporate oppressors, side with your employer to get a leg up, or just escape at the first opportunity possible?

DIGGERGUN will be coming to Kickstarter in June, where backers can get access to a level-design tool as well as other benefits. Interested backers can register their interest here. A short demo for DIGGERGUN will be released in June as well. You can learn more about the game on its Steam page, as well as add it to your wishlist here!

About Kabloop and Contact Information

Kabloop is a solo developer living in the United Kingdom who makes games highlighting political issues.

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