Get Foxy, Endling – Extinction is Forever Has a Release Date.

Barcelona, Spain / Giebelstadt, Germany, 2nd June 2022
We promised you an awesome “Endling – Extinction is Forever” – and we promised it very, very soon. Well, we at HandyGames tend to fulfill our promises.

Cuddling soon!
Cuddling soon!

The confirmed release date for “Endling – Extinction is Forever”:

July 19th, 2022

And, as we also tend to up the ante, we will give you a steep pre-order discount!

Save 10% off the final retail price of $ 29.99 | € 29.99 | £ 24.99 if you order right now! This offer won’t last forever, though.

“Get Endling – Extinction is Forever” now on:

Microsoft Store:

PlayStation Store:

Nintendo Store:




Additionally, you can get a boxed retail version of the game, ideal for collectors. We use a more eco-friendly cardboard box with fewer plastics for the PC-version. ​
​The boxed version will be available for PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation4.

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